Building Performance Institue Certifications

BPI Building Analyst Certification Information
This is information regarding the Building Performance Institutes Building Analyst Certification.

What Is A Building Analyst & Do I Need To Become One?
A building analyst is a certification that a person attains by demonstrating advanced skills in dealing with pressure diagnostics, combustion safety, as well as air and moisture flow issues. A building analyst can evaluate a home on an advanced building science level and perform tests to provide a safe environment for its occupants. All energy raters and weatherization assessors in Alaska are going to be required to attain this certification to continue with their work.

Your business can benefit from having this certification. This certification will make your company stand out from the crowd because you have demonstrated the advanced skills to attain this certification. You'll learn how to use building science to help home occupants solve heating and air leakage problems that are increasing their energy costs.

This certification demonstrates a knowledge of weatherization and retrofit work which will be helpful in qualifying your work on bid projects. With energy upgrades slated for many federal buildings in economic stimulus packages, this would be a natural fit to get in line for some of the stimulus money.

Suggested Courses
#100 Basic Math Skills (if you need a refresher course on math)
#111 Building Techniques for Cold Climates
#130 Alaska's Energy & Ventilation Standard
#170 Tectite Software OR
#171 Retrotech Software
#190 Basic Building Science
#260 AkWarm
#270 Basic Blower Door
#271 Combustion Safety Testing
#301 Advanced Building Science
#360 Advanced AkWarm
#370 Advanced Blower Door
#904 Review of BPI Field Testing Procedures

Testing Requirements
#901 Written BPI Building Analyst Exam
(Pre-Requisites of 111 or 190, 130, 270, 271, 301, 370)

#903 Practical Field BPI Building Analyst Exam
(Pre-Requisites of 901) Course #904 HIGH RECOMENDED

It is important to note that the above listed courses will get you ready for the written and practical exams for this certification, however, these courses are not required to take the exam. We list pre-requisites as suggestions, however, it is important to note that depending on your background more or less may be helpful in passing your examinations. We also recommend that you practice on homes in the field prior to taking your practical field exam.

There a re TWO parts to this certification process. One, is this written exam; two is a practical field exam. Please click below for more information each of the two exams.

BPI Building Analyst Written Exam

BPI Building Analyst Practical Field Exam

I am an AHFC Certified Energy Rater, is this required to renew my contract?
AHFC has recently come out with regulation changes to the Energy Rater policy. It will require that all Energy Raters obtain their BPI Building Analyst Certification as well as take the following courses;
#130- Alaska's Energy & Ventilation Standard
#271  - Combustion Safety Testing 
#360 Advanced AkWarm (coming soon)
#370 Advanced Blower Door

In addition to the above classes AND a BPI Builidng Analyst Certification you will be required to pass a Building Techniques for Cold Climates course AND an AkWarm exam.

All AHFC Certified Energy Raters will have until September 2010 to complete these requirements to renew their AHFC Energy Rater Contract.