2009 International Mechanical Code - AHFC Sponsored

Course Description

This course covers the most commonly used codes for mechanical equipment in the residential setting.  General mechanical requirements, duct systems, chimneys and vents, combustion air, boilers, fuel gas, and dryers are addressed.  This class also covers what IAQ is, why poor indoor air quality develops, and ends with an actual case study from the field tying the Mechanical Code into a real life Alaskan situation.

This course does not have any prerequisites.

Length of Class
8 Hours

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Continuing Education Approval
This course is approved for the following professional licenses as continuing education:
8 Hours - AK Residential Contractors - #10063
8 Hours - AK Mechanical Administrators - Mechanical Credit - #10091
8 Hours - AK Home Inspectors - #10139

Avilable Online
This class is also avilable in parts online. For more information about this course that can be taken in parts online, please click here.

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