Course Description
This course will focus on the input requirements for AkWarm to provide the required calculations for figuring the energy star rating of a house and proper sizing of the heating appliance to meet the BEES requirements. Students will learn how to start with a set of plans and input all the required information to play around with their own plans in AkWarm. This can be used to determine how changing components of a building (insulation levels, heating system AFUE, window ratings, etc.) will effect the final energy star rating. AkWarm was developed by Alaska Housing Finance Corporation in 1996 and is specifically designed for heat loss analysis of northern climate homes. This program provides a total building heat loss calculation as opposed to the room by room method provided by ACCA manual J. This is a hands on class, a lap top computer is required for this course. Copies of the software and current library data will be provided to all students in this class and will be avilable for download prior to the class with a link provided.

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