Domestic Water Heating & Consumption

Course Description
Don't let the word 'domestic' fool you in a commercial energy auditor course. This course is all about the 'domestic' side of a buildings water usage including sinks, toilets and other individual use type fixtures. Water heating formulas, efficiency, water consumption, utility bill analysis, and usage saving estimates are all addressed in this course.

Spreadsheet analysis is included with multiple exercises throughout the class. Every student needs to bring a laptop computer with Microsoft Excel version 2000 or later installed.

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This course does not have any prerequisites, however a background in basic building science is highly recommended.

Length of Class
1 Day - 8 Hours

The cost of this class is $350.
Payment is due at the time of registration. We accept Visa, MasterCar, American Express and Discover.
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Refund Policy
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Continuing Education Approval
Alaska - 8 CEUs Residential Endorsement Contractors #9956
Alaska - 8 CEUs Home Inspectors #9962
Alaska - 8 CEUs Mechanical Administrator - #10165 for 2012 PLUMBING Credit
OR #10164 for 2012 MECHANICAL Credit
Alaska - 8 CEUs Mechanical Administrator - (2015 UPC) Plumbing Code Credit - #16498
Alaska 8 CEUs Journeyman Plumbing - (2012 UPC) Industry Related Credit - #10165
Alaska 8 CEUs JOurneyman Plumbing - (2015 UPC) Industry Related Credit - # 16498
BPI - 3.5 CEUs - #9175

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