Classes Approved For Mechanical Administrators
Mechanical Administrator Continuing Education Requirements - Mechanical Administrator occupational licensing renewal just came due on December 31,. 2019. This means your next renewal period that you will need to fulfill your continuing education requirements will be from Janurary 1, 2020 to December 31, 2021 to count towards the current renewal period.

How many credits do you need? You may need up to 16 hours of continuing education credit in both plumbing and mechanical credit depending on your license type. 12 AAC 39.410 reads that you will need eight hours mechanical code continuing education if your mechanical administrator license lists a category of; a) heating, cooling & process piping, b) unlimited HVAC/sheet-metal; c) unlimited refrigeration; d)mechanical system temperature control; e) residential HVAC. If your mechanical administrator lists; unlimited commercial and industrial plumbing, then you will need to show eight hours of plumbing code credit.. If your mechanical administrator license lists a plumbing and a mechanical trade to renew, you would need to show 16 hours of continuing education; eight in plumbing code and eight in mechanical code.

To contact the state of Alaska, and the department that oversees Mechanical Administrator occupational licensing, please click here.

Winter 2022

December 10 - Alaska's Energy & Ventilation Standard - Fairbanks

We have 8 hours of code related credit that you can take online anytime! The cost is actually less than you can take an inperson class for AND you can do it anytime, anyday. Click Here to find the four classes that can be taken to equal 8 hours of code credit towards your Journeyman Plumbers licnese renewal. Have questions about how these online classes work? You can view a demo here, or you can give our office a call Monday - Friday (1-888-252-6045) and we'll be happy to answer your questions.