Building In Alaska

In Alaska, inspections are required for any new home built after 1991. It is also important to remember, that as an owner-builder in the state of Alaska you are allowed to build one house for your own use every two years.  That is two years from the time you finish the first house to the time you break ground on the second house.  If you are building homes for resale or more than one every two years you are required to obtain a general contractor residential endorsement license. For more information on how to obtain a residential endorsement general contractors license, click here.

Regardless of whether you are inside or outside of city limits, inspections are required to be preformed on any new construction in the state of Alaska. Any home built after 1991 is required to have new construction inspections in the State of Alaska. Many lending institutions require new construction projects to be built to the minimum industry standards. The method for assuring these standards are met is to have the dwelling inspected by a certified building inspector during the construction process. The building codes have been developed as minimum health and safety standards for construction. The inspection process is not meant to be a quality control measure but does ensure the structure meets the minimum building codes for health and safety standards. In rural areas of Alaska and most communities, the certified inspectors are independent contractors who are a disinterested third party to the transaction. They cannot be personally or financially related to the builder, seller, buyer, realtor, or other interested party for the project, other than as a fee inspector. The inspector may be hired by the builder or owner of the project. Most lending institutions have their own requirements for approval of the inspectors. Be sure to check that the inspector you hire for your project is approved by the lending institution you plan to use for the long term financing of the project, and has a state of Alaska Home Inspector License for new construction