Existing Home Energy Ratings (As-Is Ratings )

Home buyers who obtain an Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC) loan may qualify for an interest-rate reduction, depending on the energy efficiency of the home. 
The amount of the reduction is based on the energy rating. 

There are two ways in which an existing dwelling may qualify for an interest-rate reduction.  The first method is for existing energy-efficient properties -those which have been completed for more than one year or which have been previously occupied and have an energy rating that is no older than three years. 

The second method is for existing dwellings that have improvements made to increase the energy-efficiency of the home. 

If the borrower intends to make these improvements and obtain a reduction on the interest rate of the loan, AHFC must be notified of the intentions at the time of the loan application.  When the improvements are done and a final rating is obtained, the loan may be modified to reduce the interest rate by the appropriate amount.  These interest-rate reductions can go as high as .75% in some cases.  This must be completed within 180 days of closing the loan