Why Use Wisdom & Associates?

We Can Save You Money for 30 Years
With an energy rating on your new home (a BEES Rating) you can qualify for an interest rate reduction on a 5 Star or 5 Star Plus home for the life of the mortgage.  Save money for 30 years and have low utility bills.  We have 3 full time energy raters to help you with your questions about constructing energy efficient buildings. 

Make 5 Star Plus Before You Break Ground
With a Proposed From Plans Rating we can help you make choices about insulation, windows, and heating systems before you build.  With this rating you know where your house will come in before it is built.  Call us boring, but we don't like surprises.  We can help you make decisions about the project from a cost vs. energy standpoint with this type of rating.

Remodel Your Home So It Pays You Back
With an AS-IS Rating it is possible to make upgrades to your home which will save you money on your utility bills as well as lower your mortgage interest rate.  We help you determine if improvements are cost effective in the long and short term.  Our energy raters believe in helping you get the most for your money by looking at all your energy options in a new home or a remodel.  

Build Tight Ventilate Right
With ventilation testing we can help you prevent indoor air quality problems like radon and mold from becoming an issue in your home.  We can even size a ventilation system for your home so that you are not ventilating all the warm air from your home, but you are bringing enough fresh air in to keep indoor air quality problems from developing.  Confirming that your home has enough ventilation will allow you to live in comfort knowing your house is healthy