What Is ASHI?

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  • The American Society of Home Inspectors is the largest and oldest organization of home inspectors in the United States.  It's members work to raise public awareness of the home inspection process and to enhance the technical and ethical performance of home inspectors.  ASHI has a Standards of Practice which guides home inspectors in their inspections. Today, ASHI's Standards of Practice is the most widely accepted guidelines for home inspections.  ASHI also has a Code of Ethics which stresses the responsibility of the home inspector to report the results of a home inspection in a impartial and professional manner.  An ASHI member must demonstrate to ASHI that their inspections follow this Standards of Practice with a minimum of 250 inspections.  ASHI members have also passed written examinations that demonstrate their  knowledge of residential construction, defect identification, inspection techniques, and impartial and professional report writing.  ASHI member have also passed a Code of Ethics exam, demonstrating they know their responsibility as a home inspector