Why Choose Wisdom & Associates?

Your Home Is Our Home
All of our customers receive the same attention to detail that we would give if we were buying a home.  We believe in friendly, professional services on all of your home's needs, big and small. We are the professionals of inspections, our name depends on your satisfaction.

Have Confidence About The Single Largest Purchase You'll Ever Make
A home is most likely the single largest purchase you'll ever make.  Have confidence in your decision by knowing what you're buying. Home Inspectors are trained to report things you might overlook.  A home inspection can save you money by making sure the home you are about to buy is in the condition you think it is.  

Know Your Home Before You Buy
It is important you know everything about your new home before you buy it.  Having it inspected before you buy assures that when you move in, the only surprises you'll have is finding treasures in your boxes.  Having your dream home inspected before you buy gives you piece of mind that you won't have any surprise in your new home.  

American Society Of Home Inspectors
Only an ASHI®  inspector can provide you with  an inspection that combines 28 years of nationally recognized standards.  Our existing home inspectors at Wisdom & Associates, Inc. are all ASHI certified.  This means our existing home inspectors at Wisdom & Associates, Inc. are held to nationally recognized inspection standards.