Indoor Air Quality Testing

If you suspect your home or office has an indoor air quality problem, an investigation will help you determine if in fact there is an indoor air quality problem, and the most likely source of that problem.  An IAQ Investigation cannot guarantee to solve any health ailments, but it can help you eliminate IAQ as a cause of unexplained health symptoms.  If an IAQ Investigation is appropriate for your home or office, these are the steps in a typical IAQ Investigation:

Interview- The interview is the most important part of the investigation because no one knows the building better than the people who occupy it everyday.  The interview process is a chance for the investigator to gather information about the building and the specific concerns of its occupants. 

Walk Through Investigation- The walk through focuses in on areas of concern identified in the interview, while also looking for possible causes of a poor IAQ problem.  This allows the investigator to familiarize themselves with the building when trying to theorize where the source of poor air quality may be originating from. 

Testing - A standard IAQ investigation usually involves instrumental testing of relative humidity, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, radon and Ultrafine particles. Testing the performance of a home's ventilation abilities is also part of a standard investigation. From these tests we can observe how the home is operating and look for indicators of poor IAQ.

Additional Laboratory Testing-During the course of the investigation, if it is determined that molds, lead, or other such contaminants are likely in your home, we can provide additional laboratory testing to determine its type and toxcicity for proper abatement action. 

Evaluation/Reporting the Findings-After the investigation at your home or office is completed, you will be given an IAQ booklet  that is specific to your building, explaining the most likely cause of your IAQ problem, and suggested courses of action to create a more healthy indoor environment.